Remote Automated Weather Stations


Wayne & I got to travel down to Livermore and Corralitos to replace an older data collection platform with a newer model.  We also changed out many sensors including Wind Speed/Direction, Solar Radiation, Fuel Moisture, Fuel Temperature, and the WWV receiver was replaced with a GPS receiver for time keeping.


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Jim with GPS antenna

Jim is about to install the GPS antenna.


Jim & Wayne are lowering the mast

Jim & Wayne get ready to lower the mast that the old WWV receiver antenna is mounted to, along with the wind speed/direction sensors.


Wide shot

This is a wide shot of the fenced-in area that contains the Corralitos weather station.

View from the south

Here you can see the solar panel that powers the site, the GOES uplink antenna, the precipitation bucket, the DCP, the Air Temp/Relative Humidity sensor.


Wayne with GPS

Wayne gets a GPS reading for exact coordinates of the site.


Jim & Wayne lower the pole

Wayne & Jim lower the pole for the wind speed/direction sensor.