Pheasant Under Glass


The other day, on the high-speed track at the Highway Patrol where they teach the cadets how to drive defensively in pursuits, a pheasant flew up out of the grass into the windshield of a car going approximately 100 mph.  These are pictures of the damage.  The cadet officer wasn't injured, but the training officer had to take a careful shower due to all of the glass shards.


click on image for a larger version



This is an older Chevy with lots of horsepower.  It has been outfitted with a roll-cage for safety.


You can see where the pheasant impacted the windshield, then slid up to the top where some feathers remain.


Closer shot of above.

Another angle of above.


Inside view

This is what it looks like from the inside.  Imagine driving at 100 mph, then seeing this instead of the road!



You can see all the glass shards that remain on the seat here.