Here are the latest pics from my great New Zealand vacation!

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(many thanks to Chris Bunnell for letting me borrow his digital camera)

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Here is Grant holding the door open on his Suzuki for my luggage.  I just arrived at the Auckland airport after a 12.5 hour flight from LAX.   Whew, was I tired!

For all your NZ computer needs, call GILCOM!

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This is Grant's house, where I stayed in NZ when we weren't travelling the North Island by motorcycle.

This is split-level house out in the country.  Most homes in NZ that I saw had vaulted ceilings like this one.

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Grant and Annie, Grant's Grandmother.  Cool purple hair.

View out the kitchen window.

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There are views like this all over NZ.  Beautiful!

Cute ostrich at Paradise Valley

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One male lion, and five females!  What a life!

We were less than 7 meters away from these marvelous animals.  Glad they have a fence.  :)

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This is Gustov, Master automotive technician.   He immigrated to NZ from Germany.

Bevan & Claire were nice enough to let Grant and I stay overnight at their house in Auckland.  Mokey is a cool cat.

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Here I am next to a Maori carving.

This boat has 1500 horsepower, and can go 50 knots!  It only took us a half-hour to get to the "hole in the rock".   This is located in the "Bay of Islands".

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This is the "hole in the rock", a natural formation off the coast of New Zealand.

Closer view.  We actually drove through this formation in the boat sideways!

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This is the lighthouse at the very top of the North Island.  It was so windy the day we went up there, I had problems standing still to take these photos.

A closer shot of the lighthouse.  The lens was installed in 1879.  See the plaque below.

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jim_bantam_300.JPG (21060 bytes)

Here's the plaque that is mounted on the lighthouse.

Just landing after a ride in the Bantam Ultralight.

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Rob & Angelique are a Dutch couple who immigrated to NZ.  They have a very beautiful house, which I failed to take pictures of!

Jim & Grant taking a break near the beach after a long ride on the BMW's.

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