Let this be a lesson to you: Never ride a motorcycle in shorts.  I learned my lesson.  See pics below.
  It was hot outside, so I figured "What the heck, I'll go ahead and ride my BMW R1200C in shorts."  Big mistake.  I arrived at my destination, no problems.  I put the motorcycle on the side stand, which makes it lean to the left.  I sat on the bike while I removed my helmet.  I relaxed my leg, and the calf on my right leg touched the hot chrome muffler, for about two seconds.  I was in incredible pain.  I went inside the restaurant and got some cold water to put on the burn.  It didn't really look very bad right then.  The next morning, there was a huge blister that came off when I took a shower.  What you see below is a week afterwards.  I have to put a large Tefla bandage on it each morning after taking a shower to protect it.  Mental note: Always wear long blue jeans when riding the motorcycle...


Note: not for the faint of heart - these are pretty graphic pictures - it really grosses my wife out.  I posted these in the hopes that it might keep someone from riding their motorcycle in shorts.  If you still want to see the pictures, go ahead and scroll down.












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Here's my left leg, good shape and burn-free.  This picture is here just to see what my "normal" leg looks like.


Here's my right leg, complete with muffler burn.  This is one week after burn occurred.


Another angle.


Here you can see where a little bit of the top-layer of skin is still attached at the bottom of the burn.  I haven't pulled it off yet.