Info about Jim Earl:

I grew up in Fair Oaks, California, USA.   Fair Oaks is a suburb of Sacramento located about 20 miles east of downtown Sacramento.   I attended Earl LeGette Elementary School, Andrew Carnegie Jr. High, and Bella Vista High School.  I also took a few semesters at American River College, and Cosumnes River College.
I am now a Senior Telecommunications Technician for the State of California, California Technology Agency, Public Safety Communications Office.  I work at the State's Microwave Center located in downtown Sacramento.  It is the Network Operations Center for the State's Public Safety Microwave System. Many of the State's radio circuits go thru there, including the California Highway Patrol, Dept. of Transportation (CalTrans), State Parks, Fish & Game, and others too numerous to mention.
Before that, I worked at TV Station Channel 31 since 1981.  During those years, the station had gone through quite a few callsigns: KMUV (when they used to run lots of movies), KRBK (named after Richard B. Koplar, the owner), KPWB (when it became a Warner Bros. affiliate), KMAX, and now CW31, a CBS owned and operated television station.
Here is the station sign off, which shows a lot of the equipment I used to work with back in 1982, including an RCA TCR-100 VCR, or "TCR" (Tape Cartridge Recorder), an electric/air-operated mechanical marvel. 

I am also an Amateur Radio Operator, with an Advanced Class license.  My call is K6KCP (formerly KB6KCP).  I used to run several UHF repeaters in the Sacramento area.  Please see my ham radio page for more info on these repeaters.

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