Jim Earl in Las Vegas - Geocaching

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Our flat, with the spare in the background - yet no way to put it on.

 Justin contemplates the flat tire.



10 miles into our drive on a "Power Trail" (a gravel road for servicing high-tension power lines in the dessert), we got a flat tire.  A sharp rock sliced the tire and it quickly went flat.  The problem was that Enterprise Rent a Car was nice enough to supply us with an SUV with no jack, so we had no way to put the spare on.  Jeff can be seen on his cellphone (we had to climb a large hill to get cell coverage out there) telling them how he feels.

Pretty cactus


A rock formation called "the bridge".  Yes, there is a cache there.

View on the way to a cache


Jim with some rocks.

This is the view from the top of the hill.  That is Primm, Nevada in the distance (10 miles).

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