Midwest Trip - July 2009


Jim in front of an A-frame bridge in Kansas City In Iowa.  Really. Yup.  Gas is cheap in the midwest!
No funky sleeve on gas pumps nozzles in the midwest Big Sky country Just a few hundred feet from Montana sign
Lotsa bugs in the midwest That is a full-sized truck at the base Looks like the back of a Suburban, eh?
15' 1930's phone pole at Dad's property - they used it for a wind generator to charge a car battery for the radio broadcasts Dad's house was in that hole - they raised six kids in a little shack in Tagus, ND Real old wash tub & ??
This is the east slough - more like a lake! ICBM silo across the street Missle hatch in foreground
Satellite-controlled? Close-up of missle hatch Wider shot of same
Jim's Omaha girlfriend    

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