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This page contains pictures of the old K6KCP UHF repeater system.  It used to cover the greater Sacramento, CA  valley.  We used a Linkcomm CLUB controller at the Hub site, and a Linkcomm RLC-1 at the transmit site, which is in El Dorado Hills. I sold the system to some ham buddies years ago, so it is no longer mine.  I left these photos up for fun.

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Front view of HUB rack

Closer view of the Link CLUB controller, DVR-1, Hall Voter panel, four GE Aux receivers, and a home-brew 420 transmitter
Closeup for the Linksys CLUB controller, DVR-1, Hall Voter panel Bottom half of rack, you can see one GE Aux receiver, the homebrew 420 transmitter, a homemade shelf (not in use), the fusepanel, and an Astron switching power supply

ham/chris_tower1_vaca_200.JPG (7246 bytes)

ham/chris_tower2_vaca_200.JPG (5794 bytes)

Chris, KB6IQL - now QRT, mounting a DB Products UHF eight-dipole array.  Our group has had excellent results with this antenna.  We use it exclusively at all our sites.

You too, can grow up to be a radio amateur!



ham/chris_tower3_vaca_200.JPG (5854 bytes)

ham/chris_rack_vaca_200.JPG (16356 bytes)

Chris mounting an 8-dipole array on a 45G tower

Chris setting squelch on a MII.


ham/jim_rack2_vaca_200.JPG (13991 bytes)

ham/jim_chris_rack_vaca_200.JPG (16482 bytes)

Jim mounting a UHF cavity at the Mt. Vaca site

Jim conferring with Chris on how to modify a GE Master II mobile for slow squelch action.


Here's a coverage map that W6KCS made for me.



I no longer run any repeaters due to Beale AFB's PAVEPAWS (and the FCC) shutting down the whole 440 band due to interference in this area.


If you have a Link-Comm DVR-1, here is a program that will convert .wav files to the .hex format that the DVR-1 likes so you can upload them directly to the DVR.


wb01337aREV.gif (452 bytes) .WAV to .HEX file converter wb01337a.gif (458 bytes)

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