Family Photos


BobEarlPiano640.JPG (41225 bytes)

Bob Earl with cool Pocket Protector & Tasty Lemonade in hand.  Early 80's.


Burgy640.JPG (93843 bytes)

My favorite dog (rest his soul) - "Burgy".   1975


CookVW640.JPG (48401 bytes)

Mary & Cook & her Bug


Jim3shots640.JPG (39814 bytes)

Jim taking pics of himself.  1978.


JimMirror640.JPG (31773 bytes)

"I'll take a pic of myself in the mirror.   Cool."  1975


JimPepper84-640.JPG (58385 bytes)

Was I really that skinny in 1984?  Wow.


MaryEarl.JPG (50420 bytes)

Mary Earl training "Chief".  1973


MaryEarl2-640.JPG (36706 bytes)

Mary Earl in her easy chair.  Early 70's.


MaryPeanut-640.JPG (32035 bytes)

Peanut & Mary Earl in the hallway.  Early 70's.