Jim & Dana at Seven Gables Inn, Pacific Grove

Jim & Dana spent three wonderful days in Pacific Grove (just outside of Monterey, CA) at a bed and breakfast called the Seven Gables Inn.  We celebrated our second wedding anniversary.  The rooms were beautiful!  We stayed in two different rooms.  The first night, we stayed in the Gable room, which is highest room in the house.  It used to be an attic playroom for children.  It has a lot of a charm, and slanted ceilings.  Not much headroom.  The second night, we stayed in the Bellevue room, which had more space.  For more info on the Seven Gables Inn, click here.

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The Gable Room bed

South view

Dana coming up the stairs

View down the stairs

Complimentary flutes

Free snacks

Monterey Bay out the south window

Monterey Bay out the East window

Lover's Point

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