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The Wedding!

The Rings


JimDana-300.jpg (25979 bytes)

Jim and Dana with one of her quilts in the background


DanaJimHelynaDrea400.jpg (51132 bytes)

Jim, Dana, Helyna & Andrea at Jim's parents house


HelynaLanceHappy-300.jpg (24445 bytes)

Helyna & Lance (and Happy the cat)


HelynaPhone-300.jpg (34560 bytes)

Helyna on the phone - talking to her boyfriend?


The Earl/Rose bunch


HelynaSoccer-300.jpg (29691 bytes)

Check out Helyna's leg muscles in this soccer game!


Helyna-Great-300.jpg (20083 bytes)

Helyna at a tournament, with a cool grin on her face


Andrea-Smile-300.jpg (18923 bytes)

Smiling Andrea and the cleft in her chin


Helyna-Kick-300.jpg (27408 bytes)

Here's Helyna right after a kick - notice the girl on the left is not on the ground!


JimDrea-300.jpg (36476 bytes)

Jim & Andrea at Helyna's tournament


Helyna-kickangle-300.jpg (30819 bytes)

Helyna defies gravity with a kick


DanaJimSoccer-300.jpg (33275 bytes)

Dana & Jim at the tournament


Helyna-f-300.jpg (34392 bytes)

Helyna smiles with her teamates



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