Jim & Dana's European Honeymoon


After we got married on July 28th, 2001, we left on our European Honeymoon!  Here are some pics from our trip:


(click on image for larger version)

This is a one-of-a-kind building in Germany.  The front is a bar, and the rear is a church.  And you have to walk through the bar to get to the church!  And best of all, the bartender is the pastor!


Jim & Dana during the Rhine cruise.

Jim & Dana Rhine cruise

This is a huge cathedral in Koln (pronounced "Cologne"), Germany  Very Gothic looking, like something from Batman, the movie.

Gothic Cathedral

This is a church in Heidelberg.  It looks sort of out of place, doesn't it?

   Heidelberg Church

Another Rhine cruise shot - the man standing is our Aussie friend.

Jim on the Rhine

We spent almost eight days on this trusty Coach, traveling through six countries!

Our coach


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