Jim & Dana's European Honeymoon


After we got married on July 28th, 2001, we left on our European Honeymoon!  Here are some pics from our trip:


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Here we are about to drive our bus onto the ferry at the White Cliffs of Dover.  The boat will drive us across the English Channel to Calais, France.


These are the aforementioned White Cliffs of Dover.

White Cliffs of Dover

This is Taryn with Amsterdam behind her.  Dana & I befriended Taryn & her mom (Dottie) on the trip.

Taryn Westberg

  Dana & Jim with Amsterdam behind them. This is one of the many canals in Amsterdam.  It is right outside a diamond cutting store.

   Our lovely honeymoon couple!

This is the Hotel Inntel, where we stayed in Amsterdam.

The Hotel Inntel in Amsterdam

Downtown Amsterdam, across from our Hotel.  The doorways are very narrow, because they used to base tax on how wide a doorway was.



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