Dana & I drove to Monterey last weekend.  We had a wonderful time at Cannery Row, 17-mile drive in Carmel, and checking out the bed and breakfast inn we are going to stay at sometime in the future.  We walked along the beach holding hands, enjoying the waves and each other's company.  It was a great weekend away from Sac.  Here are some pics.  The first four are taken with my Olympus digital camera, and the rest were taken with Dana's super-duper 35-mm camera and the photos were scanned in on my H/P Scanjet.



DanaCamera3-300.jpg (27232 bytes)

DanaJimBay1-200.jpg (28172 bytes)

   Dana setting up her 35-mm camera for some wave pics

   Great smiles with Monterey bay in the background



DanaJimBay2-300.jpg (27120 bytes)

JimDanaCypress1-300.jpg (31182 bytes)

Same as last shot, but close-up

Cypress tree in background, still on 17-mile drive



DanaJim17MileTree1-300.jpg (32389 bytes)

DanaJimHeadChop-300.jpg (24302 bytes)

Wide shot of cypress tree

Oops, tilt UP!



JimCamera-300.jpg (30529 bytes)

JimDana17Mile1-300.jpg (22083 bytes)

Dana caught me coming back from the car

Very nice background on this pic



JimDanaBenchCU-300.jpg (26397 bytes)

JimDanaPier-300.jpg (32901 bytes)

Camera set on rock, timer mode

We asked someone to take our picture here - Lover's Point



JimSmile-300.jpg (22970 bytes)

WaveRock-300.jpg (23761 bytes)

Wind in my face & hair

Waves crashing on rocks



JimDanaCloseup-300.jpg (22298 bytes)

SevenGablesInn-300.jpg (27242 bytes)

Holding camera, taking picture of self

Seven Gables Inn