The June Area Meeting


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George, the radio GOD

It's ME!

This computer is ticking me off!


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Kevin flashes a smile

Lupe, the newest tech

Mike, Lupe and Dave setup


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Rear: Kevin, Lupe, Barry gives the finger.  Front: Bob, Mike, Wayne

Carol, Jerry

Perry & Barry check out the new Mavica


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Kevin, Barry, Bob check out shadows

Kevin opens up the vault door

DC-522's van actually made it up Donner's steep hill!


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View to the north from Donner Beacon

Another tower and antennas at Donner.  Note camera at the top

View to the SouthEast from Donner Beacon


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View of the Donner skilift

View of the south road from the top

View to the south from Donner


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Donner_Tower2-200.jpg (11992 bytes)

View to the southwest from Donner

The two State towers at Donner

Top of the previous tower


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Donner_East-200.jpg (13695 bytes)

Generator vault at Donner

View to the west - Red Hill visable

Donner Beacon, view to the east - Donner lake in background


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