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My new BMW R1200C

I bought a new Motorcycle today!  I bought a 1999 BMW R1200C.  It rides much smoother than my old '81 Kawasaki CSR1000.  I really like it!  I can't wait to go for a real ride on it.  So far, I've only ridden it home from the dealer, and around the block a couple of times.  It has fuel-injection, which means there is no choke to worry about.  There is no fuel valve to turn on.  You  just turn on the key, wait a couple of seconds for the ABS to initialize, push the start button, and it starts up!  It is a two-banger, and has virtually no vibration at highway speeds.  I had them install a windshield on it before I rode it off the lot.  Click on an image below for a larger version.